the chatter begins

Our little designed in brunswick collective branches out to the blogosphere today with it’s first shaky steps. Without a mission statement, without a proof reader and without a compass! The principle characters are Neil, Aisling, Elmo and Koshka, hopefully to be evenly represented across the crawling electronic scroll that will ensue.

Expect updates on what WE are up to, of course, also what is going on around us in the designed-maker world and what inspires us from other places.

Elmo and Koshka being furry and adorable but without opposable thumbs will likely only contribute in pictorial form (Although Elmo does appear to have his own facebook page?)

Our other great passions are food and food photography, so recipes for a delicious world will be peppered through our updates as well, and if we every really work out what we are doing, they may appear as a searchable set of side thingys also.

Hmmm I wonder how many blogs start with the the term “Watch this space”?


About designed in brunswick

designed in brunswick is Aisling Gallagher and Neil Hargreaves, this Irish-Australian duo come from a broad set of creative backgrounds, including photography, publishing design, sculpture, textile design, visual merchandising and food styling. Their ethos is to keep things as local as possible and ALWAYS well designed. They currently hand print textiles (in Brunswick of course) for tea towels, lampshades and scatter cushions with the range set to broaden in the very near future. They always package every item they create with it’s own matching greeting card or gift card, just to make things a little more special and to drive their designs a little bit further.
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5 Responses to the chatter begins

  1. Katy Mutton says:

    looking forward to hearing more – your site is looking fantastic – i love it!

  2. Very excited to see your beautiful products. The cushions are gorgeous & the colourways sublime.

    Can’t wait for more.

    Sandy K

  3. captain kk says:

    welcome to blog world! it’s a happy one 🙂 i discovered you & your gorgeous wares via shelley panton.

  4. Hi guys … I promise we will pull our blogging socks up VERY soon, it’s just that we have been so busy with new product development so … please … watch this space : )

  5. Roze says:

    great news & loved your display. oh & i do like my new t-towell!
    missed Elmo @ stand but!

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