Things just keep POPPING UP!

Hello dibsters.

By now that feeling of the silly season and all things yuletide is well and truly upon us so we have decided to extend the opening hours of our POPUP shop.

Originally set to close this Sunday at 6pm, we have decided to open next week for the final days before Chrissy as well.

Thursday the 22nd until Saturday the 24th (Xmas eve)

12 midday – 7pm.

oh … … and by the way we sorted out EFTPOS and Credit cards to keep it all as convenient as possible.

There is a map in our last post but we have also gotten together a little POPUP collective map for all the people who have designer goodies POPPED UP in the East Brunswick hood.

The other news is that the launch went really well with maybe about 60 to 70 people attending, so make sure you come along to the next one (whenever that is!)

the inimitable Juzzy B from batchedit also came along so we ended up with a cool little video: )

take a look. cool little vid

and of course if you cant get down to visit us in the little white room, pop into these places to see our bits and pieces.

Elmo says hello by the way … and we all say ‘Merry Christmas

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Christmas is coming so that means POPUP proliferation!

We are very excited about our POPUP shop and our opening launch, we have great sponsors for the opening night so the drinks will be elegant and the snacks delicious, It should be a fun Thursday night! As we write this there are 70 or so confirmed guests here: and that’s before we do a bit of a cafe postcard drop!

OK, this means we have been very busy BUT is this a good excuse for being bad parents to our little blog? … NO! This may have to be our new years resolution : )

anyhow, if you would like to come hop onto our website to give us your email address for a personal invitation: and click on the POPSHOP button.

After the opening night we will be keeping the showroom opened to the general public for the following 10 days, the last day being Sunday the 18th of December. So plenty of time to come visit and do a bit of gift shopping, remember all of our bits and pieces come with a matching card and at this stage we are toying with the idea of printing some of our designs as wrapping paper and having them wrapped and ready to go.

the only REAL head scratch is to see if we can take EFTPOS and Credit Cards, We would say at this stage come down with cash if you are visiting. Unless we can sort out one of those nifty iPhone payment apps it’s probably the best option. But do come and visit, we would like to see you.

Neil & Aisling.

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Well. THAT was a big couple of days!

Somehow it’s kind of crazy that after noodling around months ago to get our heads around the bloggesphere it has taken us until now, just after the trade fair, to have another little chat with everybody here. OK, everybody isn’t a whole heap of you yet but like the d.i.b thing it is something we are growing … kind of! We promise we will get better : )

We can tell you that the dog and cat are VERY happy to have us around today, the fire is again blazing and we are wandering around the studio as usual with lots of half finished projects and some wonderful new suggestions from some of the folks visiting the design fair. But more about that as projects unfold.

For now it’s probably enough to say: ‘Hello’ and to let you know that we took heaps of photos, so look out for updates and images here and in all the usual places.


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the chatter begins

Our little designed in brunswick collective branches out to the blogosphere today with it’s first shaky steps. Without a mission statement, without a proof reader and without a compass! The principle characters are Neil, Aisling, Elmo and Koshka, hopefully to be evenly represented across the crawling electronic scroll that will ensue.

Expect updates on what WE are up to, of course, also what is going on around us in the designed-maker world and what inspires us from other places.

Elmo and Koshka being furry and adorable but without opposable thumbs will likely only contribute in pictorial form (Although Elmo does appear to have his own facebook page?)

Our other great passions are food and food photography, so recipes for a delicious world will be peppered through our updates as well, and if we every really work out what we are doing, they may appear as a searchable set of side thingys also.

Hmmm I wonder how many blogs start with the the term “Watch this space”?

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